The Fundamentals of Profitable Compliance is the Business Model

Course Description:

The Webinar will discuss the organization’s business model and how compliance can make it more profitable.  It will demonstrate a 2D version of a business model.  Where the profitability centers are and why they are part of any strategic vision.

Course Objective:

The dynamic and changing healthcare market has opened up new rules for all types of organizations.  The rules are designed to eliminate white collar crime by meeting 7 basic steps influenced by the business model.  Most view it as a cost of doing business when it is a golden opportunity to reshape, sharpen, and increase the value of the organization for better growth and economic leverage.
Most organizations struggle with getting employees to take compliance seriously and incorporate it into their daily routine.  That is because the belief system operating is that it is simply something that has to be done not something people would want to espire to.   When compliance is viewed as a growth tool that benefits everyone, adoption occurs.

Course Outline:

  • The compliance rules
  • 2D business model
  • Corporate goals integrated into the business model
  • Steps to take

Target Audience:

Healthcare attorneys, compliance officers, billers, practice administrators, doctors who own medical practices, business associates that serve the delivery of care system.
Learning Objectives:

They can take the 2D business model and begin to address the corporate goals of the organization.  They can have more effective communication the corporate board and leaders

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